DJi Inspire 2

Dji Inspire 2

OSC from CAA grants 30m separation from uncontrolled Persons, Vehicles, Vessels and Structures.

  • Integrated Airframe.     4Kg Max weight
  • Camera Payload:         
    • Cameras;
      • DJi X7
    • Lenses - DJi Proprietary Lenses
      • 50mm
      • 35mm
      • 24mm
      • 16mm
  • Independent Camera control;
  • Video Downlink;
    • most broadcast formats available at the controller on BNC and HDMI
  • Light setup;
    • 2 x Streamlight TLR-1 HPL mounted fixed orientation
  • Very Portable, in backpack;
  • Suitable for international travel, all necessary equipment apart from batteries fit in one case under 23Kg.
  • Batteries and charging to fly all day.